Etiquettes & Rules For The Students

Etiquettes and rules & regulations of the Academy concerning the students enrolled in one-on-one classes:

Both you and your teacher can request a change in class timing due to the seasonal Salah time changes or any personal work. There’s no problem so long as both of you are okay with it.

When the teacher can’t make it to the class for some reason, you’ll be notified before the class time and the missed class will be rescheduled and compensated for later as per both of your conveniences.

When you can’t make it to the class, you are required to notify your teacher before the class time. You can request your teacher to reschedule the class if possible.

If the students miss a class, the teacher is not obligated to reschedule it. But if the teacher misses a class, then it will be rescheduled, unless the student asks the teacher not to.

For those students who live in the countries where daylight saving is practiced, they are supposed to keep track of the time changes as the classes are scheduled based on Makkah time, which doesn’t change. Therefore, the classes missed by the students due to the time shift won’t be compensated.

It’s the duty of the student to enter the class on time, except if there is a valid reason for not doing so – in which case, they’re supposed to inform the teacher (and the teacher would inform the student if they’re going to be late or absent).

It shows lack of respect on the student’s part toward the teacher to keep them waiting and not informing them if the student will be late for a valid reason or otherwise. Please follow the proper etiquette and be a good student.

The teacher will wait for you in the class for 10 minutes and if you don’t join, the teacher may leave the class and mark you absent.

If your teacher needs to take leave of absence for some reason, you will be assigned to a substitute teacher until your teacher resumes their classes.

The students must not share their contact details with their teacher, nor ask for their teacher’s contact information. If found guilty, both the student and the teacher will be terminated from the Academy permanently, without any certifications and no student will be given opportunity to be a part of the Academy in the future.

Please be regular to the classes, do your homework and review the lessons regularly.